Rise Bakery

Shipping Order Information

Below is a list of the products we ship. Items must be purchased in the units listed below:
  • Plain Bagel 6 Packs — $15.93 each
  • Everything Bagel 6 Packs — $15.93 each
  • Loaf Breads (pick from among available breads) — $10.95 each
  • Brioche Bun 4 Packs or Biscuit 4 Packs — $10.95 each
  • 10” Vegan Pizza Crusts (*contains honey) — $4.95 each
  • Plain Croissant 2 Packs — $9 each
  • Chocolate Croissant 2 Packs: $9.90 each
  • Ham and Cheese Croissant 2 Packs: $9.90 each
  • Cinnamon Roll 2 Packs: $9.90 each
  • 12 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (unbaked): $18 per dozen
  • 12 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (unbaked): $18 per dozen
  • 8” Flourless Chocolate Cakes: $34.95 each
Shipping Costs:
  • Shipping materials (including insulated box, commercial ice packs) cost $20.
  • FedEx Ground shipping costs vary based on location and weight of the box. Usually between $15-$25 per box.
  • For 3 day shipping distances boxes must be Express Shipped to ensure quality upon arrival. Express Shipping can be around $75-$150.
How to Place Your Order::
  • The minimum order must include $75 of baked goods.
  • To place an order, email orders@riseglutenfree.com with:
    • A list of the items and amounts.
    • Full name of the recipient.
    • Email you would like the invoice to be sent to.
    • Phone number in case we have to call you about your order.
    • Address you want your order delivered to.
    • Date for the delivery (we don’t ship over weekends, if your shipping time has weekend days, we will push the order to the following week).
  • We will then generate a Quickbooks invoice that will be sent to your email. The cost will include the cost of shipping and shipping materials. You can pay through the link. Once paid, we will process the order for shipping.