Rise Bakery

Owner Mike Koritko opened the original Rise Bakery location in DC in 2014 after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Our mission is to make living on a gluten-free diet easier, safer and more enjoyable.
Bringing our gluten-free products to Northern Virginia has long been a goal of ours. Having previously lived and worked in Sterling, Mike started searching for real estate in the area for what would eventually become our second location.
Our Sterling location is carryout only and does not offer prepared foods or sandwiches. What we do offer is our entire menu of delicious breads, bagels and pastries and a welcoming environment in which everyone can eat worry-free.
We have been doing all of the company’s baking and production at our Sterling location for years. Now, we are proud to offer customers the opportunity to purchase food straight from the source.
In addition to gluten-free, we plainly label everything with primary allergen markers (dairy, eggs, soy, nuts) and are happy to help identify a wide variety of other common allergens.
We have a variety of vegan items, including breads, pastries, cakes and pies. You can always send us an email at risebakerysterling@gmail.com or give us a call at the bakery at 703-259-4702 with specific allergen questions or we can help you on site. Helping people deal with allergies is why we exist as a business, so please let us know how we can best serve you.
Location: 201 Davis Drive, Unit K Sterling, VA 20164

Our suite is the front, corner unit closest to the intersection of Sterling Blvd and Davis Dr. There is plenty of parking in the lot in front.

Store Hours:

Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Sunday: 9:00am-4:00pm